Justice obscured: financial information scant on state supreme court judges


How does Ohio’s Supreme Court stack up when it comes to financial reporting requirements for its judges? Turns out,  not very well.   But then again, the high courts in most states don’t have strict guidelines for revealing whether a judge’s personal financial interests could conflict with a case.   The Center for Public Integrity , a national non-profit investigative news organization, created an evaluation system for financial disclosure requirements and looked at state supreme courts across the country to see how they fared.  In its story, the Center says  “Ohio asks judges to disclose who gave them gifts, but doesn’t ask what the gifts are or how much they are worth, creating a form that doesn’t distinguish between a keychain and a Cadillac.”

Ohio was tied for 41st among states for the strength of its reporting requirements. Read the story, find out the methodology used by CPI, and check out the rankings.


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