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We’re on our way!

Eye on Ohio is a new, non-profit news organization with a mission to serve the public good.  The stories we’re working on will shed light on situations and issues that have powerful impacts, and consequences that cry out for examination.

Eye on Ohio’s primary focus is on investigative and in-depth journalism, but occasionally, we will report shorter news stories that aren’t being covered anywhere else.   Our investigations will focus on the environment, healthcare systems, poverty, civil rights and criminal justice, and education (with an emphasis on higher education) – but if we come across a story outside of those areas that warrants investigation, we’ll look into that, too.

In addition to exploring the consequences of the problems we’re writing about, we’ll address what’s being done to fix them. Our stories will seek solutions to the serious issues that investigative reporting uncovers.

We’ll be bringing you our stories in different ways, through text, audio and video, and by distribution through other outlets, but we don’t want to do all this alone. We’d like to hear from you.

Give us your feedback through our website, Facebook or Twitter (@eyeonohioNews).

. Invite us to your community meeting.  Email us if you want to talk one-on-one. Share your stories with us. Be a part of an ongoing effort to find out what’s really happening in Ohio – and if you like who we are and what we’re about, support us!

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