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Free Ohio Wifi

We recently published an article about the digital divide in our community. We realized, though, that as a online publication, it would be ironic if we only brought this issue up to those who already had access.

And so we conceived this community project to go along with the story- an attempt to document all the free wifi spots in Ohio. This is meant to be a resource to our Ohio readers, viewers, and listeners to find the closest free wifi spot.

We published the article in February, before we even imagined that schools would close in March because of COVID-19! Now this project is more important than ever as most Ohio universities are closed physically, and students need high-speed internet to complete their classes virtually. And some cannot afford it.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so by adding a line to this spreadsheet. Please only add businesses that offer free wifi to non-customers as well.

This project was sponsored by a grant from the Cleveland Foundation. Also a huge thanks to the Ohio public library system, who helped us put together this program.

Please note: while we try to monitor this often, we cannot guarantee the veracity of publicly entered data. We manually upload the information in the spreadsheet ourselves so that we can monitor it before we upload it to our site.