5 thoughts on “Hidden Charges: What’s on Your Electric Bill?

  1. It would be good to give an analysis of a First Energy Bill with Home Solar and describe how Net Metering works in Ohio. The bills costs calculation is as cryptic as regular bills. For example, when there is a net + KWH usage, there is a per KWH charge. But when the net KWH for the bill is negative, there is no per KWH charge. But the Cost Recovery charges go negative. Very cryptic.

  2. This works for the major suppliers in Ohio. What about the other suppliers and coops in our state? Take Bowling Green Utilities, who has not discounted programs, by law (of PUCO)? Smaller coops and suppliers are denied from giving disabled, seniors and low income peoples special programs the “big 4” can. What’s the breakdown for why it is so expensive in Bowling Green, Ohio, a small town? The fact that you only gave a listing and description of the “big 4,” shows me that this report is not objective, along with PUCO as well.

  3. It is absolutely unacceptable to charge someone $103.97 for using $46.87 use of electricity. If I turned my power off and used no electricity for a month I still would receive a bill for $54.00. The only reason this is done is so the CEO can get a million dollar bonus check every quarter! Yet the system is falling apart and no one does their job. Why do we allow this? This is something we all should be protesting daily about!

  4. My electric bills are a rip off. I am one home occupant and I conserve on my electric usage. My next text will be to the senators and governor of Ohio.

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