3 thoughts on “Ohio Supreme Court Green Lights Fast-Track Process That Gives Homes to Developers But Fails to Compensate Owners and Taxpayers

  1. property, worth $144,500 in county records. In a sheriff’s sale, the state would have recovered the $68,089 owed … in property taxes?

    How long did he not pay taxes on this property?

  2. It’s only too bad the taxpayers are shorted via this method.

    Property rights require property responsibilities as well, a fact libertarians ignore.
    Responsibilities to the community, and to the other taxpayers who foot the bill for scofflaw leaches like Mr Feltner.
    It’s also too bad that our Republican legislature refuses to codify these principles in law.
    But the behavior of such property owners is hardly surprising.
    It’s also difficult to sympathize with local government-run landbanks who, operating in a city that continues to grant massive tax abatement to developers, also lack any clear codification guiding the disbursement of seized properties.

    The Game continues.

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